The Onyx Team 2022


We have an amazing team, and we appreciate how important that is. Unlike most advisory firms in the country, we have a rather large team because we refuse to compromise on delivering great work, and because we also know that the future of a company is always the result of what the people in it are doing. We have great people doing a great job.

Partners and Advisors

David Holm

David Holm, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C. – Partner

Martin Hulme, CEBS – Partner

Chris Chornick

Chris Chornick, CFP, RHU, EPC – Partner

Jeff Caligiuri

Jeff Caligiuri, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS – Partner

Blair Smith

Blair Smith, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C, TEP – Financial Planner

Tim Rollins

Tim Rollins, CFP, CIM – Financial Planner

Steve Kulyk

Steve Kulyk, CFP, CLU – Financial Planner

Kimberlee Morgan

Kimberlee K. Morgan, CFP, B.Comm – Certified Financial Planner

Rob Koltek

Rob Koltek – Consultant

Gerry Matte

Gerry Matte, CLU, CH.F.C., RFP – Financial Planner

Doug Menzies

Doug Menzies, CLU, CH.F.C.- Financial Planner

Benefits Consulting – Support Team

Kim Comeault

Kim Comeault – Director, Benefits Consulting

Debbie Barth

Deborah Barth – B. Comm (Hons) – Operations Coordinator

Shannon McCrossin

Shannon McCrossin – Group Benefits Coordinator

Liz Leblanc

Liz LeBlanc – Group Benefits Coordinator

Kayla Timlick – Group Retirement Coordinator

Sarah Bordier-Kaye

Sarah Bordier-Kaye – Group Benefits Assistant

Wealth Management – Support Team

Lori Vondyck

Lori Vondyck – Wealth Management Assistant

Tracey Carter – Wealth Management Assistant

Anna Fast

Anna Fast – Wealth Management Assistant

Laura Paul – Wealth Management Assistant


Tatiana Rafter – Wealth Management Assistant

St. Georges Office

Tammy Kunz

Tammy Kunz – Wealth Management Assistant

Kim Bonekamp

Kim Bonekamp – Wealth Management Assistant

Evan Kulyk

Evan Kulyk – Wealth Management Assistant

Corporate Support

Sandy Henley

Sandy Henley – Controller

Donna Holm

Donna Holm, B. Comm (Hons) – Marketing & Communications

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