Environmental Policy and Social Sustainability

At ONYX we strive to minimize our environmental footprint whenever possible. Our formal Environmental Policy Statement outlines our goals/practices and is communicated to all staff.

We feel that our environmental and social practices need to be woven into our everyday corporate culture to be effective. As the Benefit Consulting & Wealth Management fields are traditionally heavy paper users – we strive to be different. Our team consciously and proactively look for ways to reduce our paper output. Many documents are now stored electronically and emails/client communications are only printed when required by compliance regulations or as otherwise necessary. We promote recycling and repurposing of office supplies. Our office premises are equipped with energy efficient lighting, mechanical systems, kitchen appliances and technology systems. We also utilize washcloths and dishtowels to limit the use of paper towels in our staff kitchen.

Giving back is a core value of the ONYX Team. Through our Benefit Consulting work we have the opportunity to work with and support many social agencies and non-profit organizations. Working with these organizations gives us an unique insight into how they operate and their financial needs. ONYX is committed to consistently and regularly supporting the fundraising efforts of these organizations.

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