You’re different. As a matter of fact, your business and your life are dramatically different than that of most others. It may not feel that way sometimes (or it may feel exactly like that) but the fact remains that family-owned businesses deal with a slew of challenges and issues that other businesses don’t face. You deal with issues that most other people will never even think about.

Often times when we first meet a business owner, they are asking themselves questions:

“I’ve been underpaying myself for years. How will I get my value out?”
“If something happens to me, I’m not exactly sure what happens to my business and what really happens to my family?”
“I don’t know where I’m at – my stuff is spread all over.”
“How do I get more money out and have some fun?”
“Will we be ok when we pass off the business? Who’s going to take over? Who’s going to own it?”
“How do I pass this on?”
“Can we afford to retire? A lot of expenses flow through the business – how do we do this?”
“How do we get money out of the business tax effectively?”
“If we pass the business on to one, or some of our kids, how will we equalize it with the others?”
“Am I really betting my business and my family’s success on this team of staff?”
“Do my wills, corporate structure, etc. all work together?”

The answers to these questions are never quick one-liners. It takes some careful thought and review to come up with appropriate plans to be able to address them with confidence. And our planning process does just that – delivers the confidence and the results.

Recommended Book List
With the thousands of books that could be read, we’ve found that there are a handful of useful books worth reading.

Family-Owned Business Questions to be asking
(and why to ask them
Family business owners are often faced with the same issues. Here’s a list of what they are asking and why you should ask them too!

Wealth Management Specialty
An area of specialization that we’ve developed is working with the owners of family businesses.


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