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ONYX Financial is a business that actually has several histories. We’re not a business that’s all about the ability of a single individual. We’re a business that has quietly grown because of the people in the firm – and each of us has a history that’s become part of ONYX.

But like any other business or family, there’s a shorter version of our story and it’s one that we think is relevant to our clients.

ONYX was created to be an integrated benefits and wealth management firm that operated at a high-level of expertise. Our focus is on delivering skilled advice, guidance and solutions to our clients because we know how important it is to have a strong support team behind you.

The ONYX team has become one of the “go to” firms in Manitoba when businesses and their owners are looking for a firm that has the depth of a large national organization, but is small enough to customize the work and build great relationships with the business owner’s team.

With a full complement of Group Benefits, Group Retirement and Wealth Management services, ONYX is a leading firm with specific knowledge in assisting with the unique needs of business owners and their families.

ONYX Financial is a member of The Benefits Alliance Group Inc. – Canada’s Leading National Alliance of Independent Employee Benefits Advisors.

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